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Poem - High School is Almost Over

It has been a battle,

One that is nearing its end.

We look at all our memories,

The ones we've spent with a friend.

The learning, the sports, the atmosphere,

So exciting to say the least.

But now it's all nearing an end,

You could say you feel released.

But up ahead lies another journey,

One that's far more frightening than this.

So, while we still remain out here,

We will enjoy these moments of bliss.

Senior year may seem so scary,

But in reality, it is just the final chapter of one story.

Until we make our way to college,

And we create a new kind of glory.

Although you may feel frightened,

That a new journey lies ahead.

There is truly no need to worry,

And no tears need to be shed.

We close one chapter and start another,

On this journey of going to college.

In which we will make new friends,

And obtain a great heap of new knowledge.