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My name is Vivian Ovrootsky, I was born on July 15, 2004, and tennis is my passion. What started as a fun outdoor activity to keep me fit and healthy, quickly became such a part of my life, that I cannot even imagine myself without the court and the racket. I invest a lot of time and sweat into tennis, and this is what makes me feel most alive. 
I first stepped on the court when I was 4 years old; though the racket was bigger than me and I couldn’t connect it with the ball, it was still fun to run around chasing after green fuzzy balls — the inner puppy in me was enjoying it tremendously — so I stayed and then came back for the next lesson. And for the next.  And then, suddenly, I was able to hit the ball with the racket, my coach rewarded me with candy, and it felt like the sweetest and most delicious candy I have ever tasted. 
Two years later, my dad took me to Stanford for a junior tennis event, where legendary Andre Agassi was presenting his book to young athletes. I didn’t have an invitation to attend the session with Agassi, but one of the USTA coaches, who were running that event, found me too eager and enthusiastic to not let me in. Not only did I end up close to the great Agassi, I even managed to stand right next to him when the group photo was taken! 
When I was 7 years old, I played my very first 10 and under tournament at Seascape Tennis Club in Aptos, CA. My biggest dream at that time was to have a cell phone, and my dad promised to get it for me if I won (I think the only reason he said that, was because he was absolutely sure that I will not win). But I did and he kept his word, so there I was – standing proud with a big trophy and a brand new smart phone. At that time I was missing my two front teeth, so my big smile was truly priceless. I’ve played many (MANY!) tournaments since then and won quite a few trophies, but that trophy from Seascape I still cherish the most. 
The last several years have been really good in terms of my tennis achievements: in 2016, I got silver ball at Girls 12 Hardcourt Nationals, won Northern California Sectionals in Girls 14 (both singles and doubles), won the prestigious Zimmerman-Johnson Level 2 Nationals in Girls 12 and finished the year with 2 gold balls in my hands from Winter Nationals (Girls 12 singles and doubles); in 2017 I won two Level 2 Nationals in Girls 14, reached the finals of the Girls 16 International Spring Level 1 Championship, won Girls 16 Northern California Sectionals in singles, won several adult tournaments (in singles and doubles), competed in two ITFs where I reached the quarterfinal in the first tournament  and semifinal in the second tournament, qualified to play Les Petits As in January 2018 in France and won Eddie Herr International in Girls 14. In 2018 I have reached final of the 14U Clay Court Super Nationals and added one more Silver Ball to my collection. At the start of 2019 I won 2 back-to-back tournaments: Grade 4 ITF at Irvine, CA and finally achieved my dream to win a Gold Ball at Easter Bowl 16U division. While 2020 is marred with pandemic I was able to win 18u Level 2 Nationals and my first even ITA Open tournament.
I am currently homeschooled, using the wonderful system by Laurel Springs School, and I really enjoy their program for providing quality education and giving me much needed flexibility with my schedule. Balancing tennis and school work teaches me to manage my time in the most efficient way; it also teaches me to focus and concentrate on a specific task at any given time. As a result, my report cards from Laurel Springs contain nothing but straight A’s and I am proud of it! 
I train with Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy in Sunnyvale, CA and feel very fortunate to be able to practice with some of the NorCal’s best coaches and strongest players.  Their energy and positive attitude charge me up to be better and stronger each day. Tennis is known to be a lonely sport, but I managed to make great friends in NorCal and also in other sections, and we have a lot of fun on and off the courts. Sometimes we have to compete against each other, but when it’s time to shake hands at the net, we give each other hugs instead.
When I am off the court and all my school work is done, I like to spend time on my other hobbies. I enjoy writing poems — particularly expressing my deep emotions on a wide variety of topics from meaning of true friendship to how much I love pizza. Drawing and yoga are also favorites of mine.  I like watching wrestling, football and basketball on TV, and cheering for my favorite teams. Sometimes, I spend time on the phone with my friends who are far away from me, or get together with those who are close for a stroll in the mall or a movie or a round (or two) of fierce ping pong.
Thank you for visiting my page and hope to see you again soon!

Vivian Ovrootsky - Tennis Athlete Highlight

Tennis Recruiting: Blue Chip Recruit

Average UTR: 11


Vivian Ovrootsky: Competition Highlights

  • 2020 ITF Grade 5 Tournament Champion

  • 2020 ITA Tournament Champion

  • 2020 18 and Under Level 2 Nationals Champion

  • 2019 16 and Under Eddie Herr Doubles Champion

  • 2019 Zimmerman Johnson Tournament 18 and Under Champion

  • 2019 16 and Under Hard Court Bronze Ball and Sportsmanship Award

  • 2019 16 and Under Easter Bowl Gold Ball and Sportsmanship Award

  • 2019 Irvine Grade 4 ITF Champion

  • 2019 16 and Under Level 2 Nationals Champion

  • 2018 Clay Court Super Nationals 14 and Under Silver Ball

  • 2017 Winter Nationals singles and doubles 12u Gold Ball

  • 2017 Team USA Qualifier for Les Petits As Tournament

  • 2017 NorCal Sectionals 16u Champion

  • 2017 NorCal 18u Championships Winner

  • 2017 Nationals Level 2 14u Champion

  • 2017 International Spring Championships 16u: Finalist

  • 2017 Eddie Herr International Championship 14 and Under Champion

  • 2017 #1 position in NorCal 14u Intersectional Team, winner of the Tournament (1st time in NorCal history)

  • 2016  Orange Bowl 12u: semifinalist

  • 2016 Hard Court Championships 12u Silver Ball

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